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  • Look at the ban announcements in relationship to who lead that little discussion.
    WW come back to the thread we miss you. It's all boring now after proving Blocky wrong.
    haha.. No problem, I kind of play the Virat Kohli in press conferences role vs Australia truth be told, enjoy watching them pretend they're not prone to ganging up.
    WW can you please be my advisor for the odd question about West Indies Cricket. I am competing in the trading game thread and my team is the Windies. Right now I need to name a back up keeper for Ramdin. And I have no idea who else can take the gloves...also is Gabriel fit...and how long is Gayle out for...Cheers
    Absolutely, the moderators have a certain code of conduct that they expect and I have no problem with that - in the past I made the mistake of engaging with the banter and firing back at people but ultimately when you have six to eight of them waiting for you to do that so they can report you and make a huge song and dance about it, the best approach is turn the other cheek and let them bury themselves. All good - keep up the good posts my man.
    WW - just to let you know, if you look at some of the profile pages of various NZ posters - in specific the ones that always attempt to accuse you of trolling and antagonistic behaviour, you'll see an undercurrent of them using things like CricSim and Planet Cricket to communicate with each other and run a campaign to attempt to antagonise either one of us into responding in a way that gets us infractions or bans - just be on the lookout buddy. I've reported to moderators as the behavior is just pack mentality bullying.
    Yeah I'm not having a go at you or anything. I just wanted to make sure you realised what was expected of you so you weren't surprised if we took action later. I know you're trying to keep your nose clean and if you remember those two points I think it'll be fine. Those are the only issues the mods have with your posting.
    Hey WW. The mods would just like to make a couple of requests clear to you as conditions of return from a permanent ban.

    1. Please don't derail threads by bringing up the West Indies or West Indian players where they aren't relevant.
    2. Please treat members as individuals rather than as representations of the teams they support.

    If you could keep those in mind, and basically treat them as additional rules on top of the official forum rules, we think it'd improve the atmosphere of the forum tenfold. It's obviously not all your fault and we'll be harsher on personal attacks towards you as well, but you can consider those 'moderator instructions' to follow.

    Yeah I'd have ****blocked Phlegm pretty early on too. But he has already been infracted so yeah.
    No worries man, they were treating you totally unfairly.

    Now I'm a bit worried about this news of our players threatening last minute strikes and missing practice....
    When we allowed you to return from your ban, it was made clear to you that any repeat of your old posting habits will not be acceptable. Your general posting lately has exhibited the same war-mongering behavior that got you previously banned. In numerous instances you have chosen to attack a poster’s nationality (by attacking the team or player they support) when you perceived that something negative was being stated about the West Indies. This is simply unacceptable behavior. Consider this your absolute last warning. Any further posts that we consider to be war-mongering in nature will result in an immediate long-term ban.
    I want to address the latest post in the WI/NZ thread here rather than in-thread. While we've had our differences in the past, the accusation of the thread being dire is not supposed to be an implicit shot at you; I'm genuinely pissed off about the quality of posting from both sides of the fence. If it came across as me singling you out, I apologise.

    At the same time, however, that post you made was an unacceptable attempt to bait NZ posters -- nothing positive could come for it, and you're well aware of that. That's why I'm shutting it down before it begins. If an NZer made that post in reverse, it'd be similarly unacceptable and I'd react the same way.

    If I'm not mistaken, it's the first piece of moderating action I've taken against you in that thread since the series actually started (despite disagreeing with you on nearly everything :p), so I hope you can realise that it's genuine moderation and not an agenda.
    May I offer the suggestion that you try to avoid engaging with this character? I understand the frustration with them, especially if you've had to deal with them in the past on other forums, but the mod team can deal with that. If Ibiza steps out of line, we have the process to deal with it. Given your precarious position regarding infractions, please don't risk your CW membership over this guy.

    I know we've clashed a bit in the past, but I think I speak on behalf of most posters in saying that you're a huge asset to the forum when it comes to West Indian cricket knowledge (even if I still disagree with you on Narine :p). We don't want to see Ibiza (or anyone else, for that matter) baiting you into saying something that forces us back into infraction and/or ban territory.

    Cheers mate.
    Hey, just wanted to ask you quickly, what's the story with this Ibiza guy? Seems like you two have some sort of history. Also, any idea what this 'socawarriors' site he links to is about?
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