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  • In light of the discussion about racism that's been going on recently here I've re-evaluated my opinion and discovered that many others on the forum (including you) have a rather strong and acceptable opinion on the whole thing. Given that, I think I owe you an apology over this post...

    "Are you for real? Not even a remotely offensive joke, was simply a pun based upon the fact that WI players have dark skin"

    I didn't realise at the time that people had very sincere reasons to object to posting of the nature of smali's joke, sorry
    "I reported your post and am dissappointed no action was taken. I suspect action would have been forthcoming had u targeted a different ethnic group."

    We take time to make moderation decisions; don't assume that we're ok with something just because there isn't a nice big 'Banned' next to somebody's name within a couple of hours of your reported post :) We've warned Smali over the joke; it's obviously not acceptable.
    Ok, yeah definitely a J then. Mathematics and Economics keeps being recommended, and it fits with my plan for myself (not that it changes or anything), so cheers.
    I don't mind number crunching, but then again i couldn't stand accounting so thats probably a good point, but i thought the multitude of different theories required by actuaries would lend itself to our personality type?

    Another good point about being an idea person. Its why i like so social sciences so much, and even in mathematics prefer the algebra side of it to the mathematics. But then again i find the academic strenuousness of mathematics incredibly rewarding no matter what it is, and the black and white aspect is appealing as well. I would go straight into an economics degree with a bit of mathematics alongside it, its just that the first and second year papers are all so hideous (really can't stand the assumptions made at the basic micro and macro levels) which is why i'm so stuck with ideas at the moment.
    I have taken the test quite a few times, and INTP pops up occasionally if that makes any difference?

    I'm pretty much interested in everything bar law and medicine, its just that i'm good at mathematics and even better at economics, so naturally thats what i'm drawn towards. Regarding how good i am at maths, I would say im a 95% guy, just that going to a small school i've never really been able to compare myself. But i can blitz the curriculum level Calculus and Probability and if i get this scholarship exam (which i'm well on track to do) then theoretically i should be in the top 2-3%.

    I'm in exactly the same with numbers i make a million arithmetic errors, but always finish first. That said i've quartered the amount of errors i make in the last couple of months because otherwise its going to cost me grades and money.
    Apologies if I offended you in the Mosul Falls thread. Definitely was not my intention.
    Nah, the 22 off 1 bugs me the most. I was listening to that game on my grundig LW in the car (poor indoor reception) in the dead of a MI winter
    Haha yeah, saw that and it was way too good not to take out of context, especially since I'm pretty sure I'm the forum's #1 Smith fanboi.
    Thanks mate, was a pleasure chatting. If you ever decide to make the trip to Melbourne or Sydney let me know, would be great to catch up.


    Hey mate. Sounds good. I've got a couple of people I know who are coming for a bit but I shall pop there at 1. 30 for a bit, and if you are there we can watch for a bit. Happy to meet your mates, all good.

    No worries if you end up bailing after early wickets.
    "It's Tough Being Me: The Kevin Pietersen Story" thread in CC is where most of the serious discussion is taking place.
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