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  • I think we are off on a bit of a tangent though and I would have to re-read the thread to find out what the original point was. I think you said that just because lots of people believe in something doesn't make an irrefutable truth. That is absolutely true. I just pointed out that a) if more people believed it you would be justified in holding that opinion and b) it would be more likely to be true than not. Even if that probability is only 80%. And I don't regard 80% as a high rate of accuracy by the way. But it is higher than 50% which represents a random accuracy rating.
    Hi Art,
    That's just my point though - even if all the sources have weak credibility so long as there are many of those source then you are justified in believing them. In philosophy we studied what the word justified means, it doesn't mean that you are correct and that you actually know the truth of the matter, it just means you can defend yourself with a reasonable defence if someone challenged your views. ie you couldn't be called an idiot in the middle ages for believing that the world was flat.
    I will continue shortly as there is a character count limit.
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