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Agent TBY
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  • Wow I didn’t realize there is one....this is ****ing awesome...I have many a pro wrestling story to share from India and zcanada.
    Thats awesome man! What are the odds of bumping into another NJPW fan here. To be honest I started following it a couple of years ago thanks to my brother and all the hype around Kenny Omega....didnt regret it. Which part of the world are you from?
    Potentially interested in doing something for Almas, depending how the rest of my drafting goes.

    Shirai off the table though. Sorry.
    Haha I got into it recently. Really love it, but definitely have to be in a certain state of mind to enjoy it.

    Probably left it at the right point tbh. The second inter-high is underway now but the quality just isn't really there anymore. Guess it's difficult to continually come up with new plots when the only challenge/conflict the characters ever face is "must make the bike go faster" haha.
    The VOD's usually go up very quickly so it's kinda weird that it's not up yet. I only saw the ME so I'm waiting on it too.
    Hey mate, yes its been ages since I've logged in here. Hopefully i can make some contributions again. How have you been?
    Hey bud, I screwed up and didn't put a minimum number for started players so you've been rolling with no GK. Would appreciate if you would start one from now on so I don't have to retroactively change it and screw your points total over from the first two weeks. More discussion in the thread if you wanna read.
    Srizza, it's that time again. Please can you give me a list of all the good shows that have come out over the last twelve months, or are running at the moment? I am badly behind.
    I've PMd AZH but he hasn't repicked. Since it's 1-2am in Bangladesh I can't see him choosing any time soon. I think thst you msy well pick Agent.
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