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When Kevin Pietersen roared for England 'A'

Gulu Ezekiel | 6:33am gmt 06 Feb 2014
It seems Kevin Pietersen's international career is now over, news which has brought back memories of when it began.
What have Michael Clarke and Shahid Afridi got in common?

Gulu Ezekiel | 3:22pm gmt 09 Dec 2013
Gulu EzekielThe Australian skipper's recent fine for threatening Jimmy Anderson brings to mind another incident where a stump microphone caused problems for an international cricketer.
Anno Domini finally catches up with SRT

Gulu Ezekiel | 7:49pm gmt 12 Oct 2013
Gulu EzekielThree editions of my biography of him later and Sachin Tendulkar has finally announced his retirement - these are my initial thoughts.
An Indian Contribution to an English Story

Gulu Ezekiel | 9:18am gmt 31 Aug 2013
Gulu EzekielMy short-term memory may not be what it once was, but I'm still sharp enough to catch Kevin Pietersen out!


Gulu Ezekiel | 5:07pm gmt 09 Aug 2013
Gulu EzekielDRS has not covered itself in glory during the Ashes, and has reminded me of an earlier incident from 2008, as well as an even older one I would prefer to forget!
Sporting Times: The 175 Year Journey of Indian Sports

Gulu Ezekiel | 7:03am gmt 07 Jul 2013
Gulu EzekielIndia is the home to the best selling newspaper in the world, and the Times of India has recently celebrated its 175th anniversary.
Captain Cool

Gulu Ezekiel | 11:04am gmt 28 Apr 2013
Gulu EzekielMy biography of MS Dhoni was originally published in 2008. A new edition has just been released, bringing the story up to date. As a taster here is the chapter that begins with India's World Cup triumph.

Gulu Ezekiel | 2:08pm gmt 02 Feb 2013
Gulu EzekielMahendra Singh Dhoni has done a great deal to put Ranchi on the cricketing map, and brought back some memories for me.
Over the coming weeks Gulu Ezekiel will be contributing his thoughts on cricket's history as well as some current issues in the game. Hopefully we may also be able to tease out of him some of his best work on other aspects of India's rich sporting heritage.
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