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Betting On Cricket Online

Cricket is the most loved sport in the country of India. People who watch the cricket matches in person, on television, and on the internet number in the millions. Thanks to high-speed internet and technology, fans can bet on cricket with Lottoland.

Before we give you a rundown on how this is done, let us share a little of cricket history to see the importance of this activity to the people of India.

Where it began

Cricket began in England somewhere around the 16th century. India was part of the English Empire until 1947, so Cricket was introduced to the Indian people through the English. The games became so popular that soon they were being played across the nation. The Oriental Cricket Club was formed in Bombay, which is now Mumbai, in 1848. When the Oriental Cricket Club was invited to play in Europe, it sparked the creation of more teams in India. Soon India was famous for its commitment to the game around the world.

In 1932, India was granted test match status, and they played against the England international team. While they carried its test match status, they played 37 matches, including 26 first-class fixtures. They eventually created competitions that embraced more players and more teams.

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Online Sports Betting

With online sports comes online sports betting. This is a natural progression. India has a huge cricket fan base, and millions of them place bets on cricket games. Current technology and high-speed computer systems make betting online easy and secure. Bets can occur before a game or as a live bet during a match. There are even life-like virtual games that allow people the opportunity to bet any time of the day or night. The selections of sporting events are extensive, and the odds are competitive.

You can access the online sites from your home or work computer. However, we are often on the go in today’s global society. Because getting to a computer is not always possible. It is best to use a quality site that offers a smartphone or android app.

Cricket Lottery

You can participate in the Cricket Lottery three times per week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The draw takes place weekly, on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at 02:20 am (IST). The price is INR 80 for a single, and a double price is INR 160. Winning a double means all six numbers match and, the Jackpot is doubled for you.

How to bet:

  1. Select six numbers between 1 and 49. You can let the computer choose the numbers by clicking Quick Pick or Quick Pick 1.
  2. Your screen is automatically set to select “Extra Innings.” You have the option to unclick the selection. The price for Extra Innings is INR 19.

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The Grand prize

If you win the Cricket Lottery single, the grand prize is INR 73 Crores or more. You can add extra Innings, which adds INR 1.8 crores to the award.

Here are the odds of the games:

Match 6 digits – Odds 1 in 13,983,816

Match 5 digits – Odds 1 in 55,491

Match 4 digits – Odds 1 in 1032

Match 3 digits – Odds 1 in 57

As you can see, the odds of winning a prize are better than in many other lotteries.

How to start

Set-up your account

Entering the site is free. We advise you to take time and get familiar with the site’s layout. You will find all the information on the site and interesting articles. Check out the selection of games waiting for you.

You simply click the link to set up your account. This process is fast and easy. You will enter your name, address, email, and other general information. Then you create a unique username and password. Only one person is allowed per account. If you are a couple, each of you will need your accounts per the site’s regulations. Your information must match your identification cards. Verification is needed if you become a jackpot winner. 

Funding your account

Next, you will choose a method to fund your account. Most major credit cards, bank cards, and bank accounts are acceptable. All forms of payment are listed on the site. If you choose to fund your account directly from your bank account, expect it to take 24 to 48 hours for the funds to be available to you. This is subject to your bank’s rules. Once the funds are deposited, you can place your bets and use your account.

Control of your account is a wise choice and your responsibility. You can choose limits on how much you want to allow in your settings. It is always smart to set a betting budget not to bet more than you can afford.

Your winnings are deposited into the account you are setting up. That is why you must make sure the information is correct. Carefully review your information before clicking the proceed button.


If you love cricket and the thrill of betting, then online betting may be your best avenue of sport. This is an exciting time to be a fan of Cricket. People use their computers or phones to place bets and check the winning numbers globally. This is a low-cost way to have some fun and be part of the online cricket community.

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