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Cricket Web’s World Cup 2011 Predictions


With so many of the sides capable of beating each other on their day, it promises to be a particularly difficult tournament to predict… but that hasn’t stopped the staff at Cricket Web. Englishmen Martyn Corrin, Martin Chandler, Marcuss Deane and Jake Howe are joined by Indian fans Manjunath Reddlapalli and Ganesh Venkat and New Zealander James Nixon to give their verdict on what’s in store for us in the next month…


A Crude Mix of Excitement and Pessimism


Like every other Irish cricket fan, us beating Pakistan on St Patrick’s Day four years ago was the highlight of my cricket-following life. Even when I see the footage now I struggle to believe it’s actually going to happen. I’m still thinking, “ha, it’s starting to get a bit hairy for Pakistan” or “we’re putting up a decent show here”. Actually winning wasn’t even a possibility until Trent Johnston hit the final six, which I was sure would fly down a fielder’s throat…


Cricket Web’s Ashes Predictions 2010- Revisited


About five years ago, Sky aired a show claiming to count down the fifty worst predictions of all time.

That show has now sadly been rendered entirely obsolete purely by the Ashes predictions of our staff. The degree of foresight displayed ranges from “none” to “almost none”. They’re so bad I almost feel guilty for digging the predictions up and kicking them when they’re down. Almost. Six of the eight are English so I can’t feel too bad.


Seizing the Game


The lunch break is always the killer when I try to stay up to watch cricket in Australia. After the first two hours, all bets are off.

I woke up just after the tea break on the opening day to see that nothing much had changed…


Cricket Web’s Ashes Predictions 2010


Heeeeere we go. It’s the big one (sorry to countries not involved, but it is). We at Cricket Web are convinced we know everything about cricket, therefore predicting every fine detail of what’s going to happen should be pretty straightforward…


The Most Competitive Era in Cricket History


South Africa is a unique place to watch test cricket. Grounds are never empty, but they’re rarely full as the majority of fans save themselves for limited-over games. Tickets are remarkably cheap, and the Western culture draws a lot of beer-drinking fans out for a day in the sun. In keeping with the country itself, the stadiums are stunningly beautiful with the Wanderers and Newlands amongst the greatest places for cricket in the world. Now, South Africa is also home to the world’s number one cricket team.


Cricket Web’s Champions Trophy Predictions


The Champions Trophy starts this afternoon, and we at Cricket Web have decided to make a few predictions on who the movers and shakers will be this time around. Glaring into their respective crystal balls, resident Poms Martyn Corrin, Martin Chandler and Paul Wood face off against beer-drinking Aussies Cameron Burge, Brendon Goff and Simon Fitzsimmons. Effigy-burning Indian fans Ganesh Venkat and Manjunath Reddlapalli test out their future sight skills alongside site owner James Nixon and the inimitable Richard Dickinson.