Hobbsy: A Life in Cricket

Hobbsy: A Life in Cricket  by Rob Kelly

Hobbsy: A life in Cricket – the biography of former England, Essex and Glamorgan leg spinner Robin Hobbs – by Rob Kelly, was published in 2018 by Von Krumm Publishing. Cricketweb is delighted to feature an extract from Rob’s fine book.


After You


After spending a pleasant break in the Caribbean and taking in a few cricket matches Glen shares his thoughts on some of the issues raised by England’s somewhat inconsistent performances


The Overview of Cricket Tradition in India


Cricket is undoubtedly the most popular outdoor sport in India. Each match draws enormous attention of millions of fans, especially if it is a clash with India’s arch-rival Pakistan. The India national cricket team news is definitely more important for the average Rajesh than the developments in national politics or economics.


Virtual Reality: The New Trend in Cricket


Virtual reality will change different areas of our lives, that’s for sure. The timing of a widespread diffusion remains to be understood, but the investments made by the largest global technological giants in this area leave little room for doubt. And yes, also in cricket, Virtual Reality will be a new trend. Let’s see in this article a little more about this topic.