Madugalle issues warning

Ranjuan Madugalle has issued umpires with a warning that they must raise their game to avoid repeat occurances of the fiasco at The Oval in late August, the fallout of which resulted in Pakistan being cleared of ball tampering this week.

Madugalle claimed that umpires must, “do everything possible to defuse tensions by explaining that a team is entitled to raise any grievance through the ICC.” He went on to add that it was not in the best interests of Cricket for a team to interrupt play as and when it chooses.

Madugalle cleared Inzamam ul-Haq of ball-tampering, but did find him guilty of bringing the game into disrepute for not bringing his team out after Tea on the fourth day of the final Test of the English summer. However, Inzamam’s punishment was the most lenient available to Madugalle and his subsequent comments will be seen as a direct criticism on Hair and Doctrove, whom Madugalle obviously feels could have handled their suspicions in a more diplomatic fashion.

In my judgment, a difficult and sensitive situation such as that which arose in the present case requires handling with tactful diplomacy as well as firm adherence to the laws,” he said, before adding that Umpires should nto declare a match forfeited unless a team is absolutely and definitely refusing to take any further part in it.

It is clear that the ICC are very disappointed in the way Hair and Doctrove handled the situation, particularly Hair, and the Australian’s career must now be in even further doubt than previously.

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