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Your favourite "random" team



Without the best fans we have had visit South Africa.. Of course there are nice people everywhere, but I've never seen such a massive group of people as a collective be such good ambassadors for their country.. Didn't think I would be holidaying in Santiago this summer, not to mention going to all their games this World Cup.. Awesome..

In related news, Slovenia have brought over the most glams, and Portugal have been the most fanatical..

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Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
Japan. Just look at the Happy Honda.

(Yes, they were dull as hell for 2.5 matches. Japan vs Denmark weighed up though.)



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Eboue Coast :cool:

Ghana as well but can see a few others jumping on the bandwagon after tonight (:ph34r:) thus making them slightly less cool.


Cricketer Of The Year
Have always enjoyed watching and getting behind the Netherlands (might well stem from enjoying the likes of Berkamp and Overmars in previous World Cups), and France.

Noble One

International Vice-Captain

Never cared much for the Japanese teams of the past. Only player I even came close to liking was Kazuyoshi Miura, but never enough to support the side.

This World Cup though, cannot miss a Japanese game. Honda is a legend. I love teams that specialise in set-pieces. Just overall a very likeable bunch of players.


International Coach
Chile is an awesome name for a country remember asking my Geography teacher 'do they grow chillies over there':ph34r: so yeah Chile for me.


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Yeah, it's Chile for me too. Despite not having the greatest players they've perfected the particularly difficult art of playing with spirit and aggression when they don't have the ball and skill and composure when they do.


Cricket, Lovely Cricket
So tempted to buy the Ghana jersey. On the lines of what Jono said in the knock out round thread, it rocks.