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  • Missed your reply but I ordered it last week. It's a BlueMotion TDI, 1.6 engine. Dunno about MK 5 haha. Test drove one before ordering though, lovely car to drive.
    I'd be honored to have you driving around in the same car as me.. I'm pretty sure that being in England you'd be looking at a Mk5? I'm shipping my Mk1 over in September..
    I'm ordering a company car soon...pretty sure I'm gonna choose a Golf. How do you feel about this?
    Sorry, not being rude on Facebook, just my step dad sets my internet to disconnect at 10:50 (n)
    Am on my mobile now.
    Yeah, I'd definitely be keen too, was just thinking about exams and what not. Will probably speak about it a bit nearer the time I guess, when you know if you're coming for definite :p
    Have added you.
    You said you were coming back over to the UK around new year didn't you? Guessing you don't have anymore of an idea about time or how long you'll be over here? :p
    Hey Hingeh,

    Hey mate,

    Was wondering if you could spare a few seconds to complete my survey. Would be much appreciated.

    Monash University Survey | Qualtrics Survey Software
    G'day mate - just letting you know that I'll probably be wrapping up the voting for the top 50 in the next few days. I know you said early on you were keen to vote but would be pretty busy, so if you have the chance to put your list together in the next couple of days it would be great to get your vote.
    Whats up man? its been years since i been on cricketweb..anyways im back..so im just giving you a shout
    Alright Hingeh you ****. Got a mate who is heading to Saffa in the winter and he's trying to see if he can get tickets for the Test in Durban but is struggling to find any info. Was wondering if you might be able to help at all, point in the direction of any sites, or just general info? Thought it worth a shout anyway, thanks prick
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