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cover drive man

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  • Hey, CDM. new round of LMS tn the football, just letting you know as you've professed an interest:)
    It's one of those things where I'd say by the letter of the law it's possibly the correct decision, but the whole thing was not in the spirit of the game imo. That said, people are getting too upset about it for mine.
    No mate if I'm not mistaken your post was after mine, either way I know the one you mean and it wasn't directed at you. Tbh mate because I get on with you I'd happily call you out if I felt you were doing that. It was aimed at someone else :)
    I want to tell you about a game i play called E-Sim. It's a free to play browser based strategy game. It is web text based game that can be played on, every pc, smartphone etc.
    Be a bussinessman, become Party Leader, Congressman, President or Militia Leader, be Journalist, be a rebel

    India is occupied by Iran and we need new players to help fight off the invaders and defend our home land. Together we can hold of the Iran waves of assault. Iran has insulted our

    traditions.Time to demand them to pay back their faults

    Newbies Guide: Tutorial for new players

    our channel: - If you need help, join to US chat channel.
    India channel
    add the nick you want and click "go"

    contact us

    vivek, soumo1989, Kate2,siddesh,

    Join this game :

    Help India! Jay Hind! xx
    Haha, my sig was disabled a few years ago after I posted stuff in there that the mods deemed to be inappropriate. They have no reinstated in apparently, but I've not actually started using it again yet.
    Hi, just to follow up to the economics stuff in the Seppo's thread though you might be interested in some of the work of 'the undercover economist', I heard him 'Tim Harford' talk at the LSE during the week and he had some good insights into the crisis. His blog is: Tim Harford Banks/bills/bailouts
    So the tax payer might get a little bit of their money back at least. People are considering the role of super funds for outrageous CEO salaries. As these funds are just giant pools of money looking for $$, they don't tend to care enough about what the Execs make as long as they get good returns %pa to win customers.

    On a side note: Turns out the CDOs the traders were using to package mortgages were about 2% out near the end of the bubble, as these CDOs were then repackaged further and so on and so on, by the 4th repackageing they were ~x64,000 more risky than the calculations were telling them :F***ingmuppets:
    Thanks mate! If you're really serious about welcoming me back, then post a pic of yours.
    Well PR is a completely separate kettle of fish tbh. I don't like AV at all.
    I'm good thanks mate, enjoying my new job. What sort of job you after?

    Any thoughts on the referendum? I know you can't vote but I am sure you are interested in it.
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