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Norwood's on Fire
Yo, I'm Spark, I support Australia. I'm in the seemingly rare category who likes both Clarke and Hauritz, but I'm a rank amateur when it comes to historical analysis of the game. Sorry about that :P
Welcome to CW Spark. Never become a mod.


Whatever it takes!!!
Hi all, I am Bharani from Chennai, India.. Work for a software firm here. Am hoping to be at Columbus, Indiana, US by the end of this month.. :)

I love cricket. The tied test in Chennai was the first one I watched and coming from a cricket crazy family, it was obviously the only sport I ever played with any degree of seriousness.. Been following cricket since that time when I was 5 or 6.. I am 26 now and I love CW.. Bar the occassional stupid comments, it is easily the best place to talk cricket on the internet for me... Really been a great time here and getting to know blokes like SJS, Jack, Pratyush, Sanz, Richard, Ikki and so many others (even if only through internet) was awesome... And I am sure any new guys here will enjoy the experience...


The Tiger King
Good day. Thank you for such hospitality, it is very pleasant to chat with such nice people. Now I’ll tell you a little about myself. I am editing various videos to order, and at this point in time I started to get involved in cooking. For example, I'm eating somewhere, I like the dish - I will ask for a recipe and create it for myself through recipe card generator , then look at a beautiful neat recipe and cook myself a wonderful meal. I live in Denmark, study at the university. Tell us about you.