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Shady Slim
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  • You didn’t even ask for a Howe replacement?!
    Shady Slim
    Shady Slim
    i asked a little but didn't get around to asking as many as i'd hoped and yourself included - apologies for that mate

    while revanchism can be summed up as the spirit of brexit, and therefore disentangling from the global society, it is more usually summed up as nationalism weaponized to redouble revenge over perceived slights in the past.

    think serbs still sore over losing kosovo polje in 1389.
    zali steggall on the abc thursday
    this has absolutely nothing to do with the politics thread but i remember this name from watching alpine skiing in the 90s
    i hope your mate's comments were not too dismissive, anyway my nickname on twitter is about the same as mine and i don't think there are any more hanne garlicks.
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    Shady Slim
    Shady Slim
    oh that was totally you i'll whack a follow your way rn - mate linked me to some left twitter post (he's cool) and i went into the comments as you occasionally do and there you were
    you'd think so but we've improved significantly against spin. a lot of the NZ A program has focused on touring india though so that may be it. late season domestic decks do turn here so spin isn't completely unknown.

    haha im actually kinda jealous your home decks are so op to everyone. we've got the subcontinent sides and england covered with our home pitches and the ball, but aus and sa know what we're up to and their sides adjust the easiest because they pull similar stunts. we're basically aus with swing and a day 1 green top.
    it's different for test level. countries should produce test decks that advantage them and make for good cricket.

    at fc level though you just want to prepare your players as well as you can for test cricket, and minefields tend to produce batsmen who don't know how to play long innings and bowlers who get the pitch to do everything for them.
    yea definitely, i am a huge subscriber to erring on the side of flat pitches in fc cricket. i don't think it's a coincidence the sides with the most notorious bowler friendly conditions domestically (the west indies, county second division) are those struggling to find top order batsmen and bowlers who can play away from home.

    because of our rainfall, early summer in nz will produce greener decks regardless and late summer during the drought will bring some turn in. before 2008 or so green tops were a lot more common and i don't think it's a coincidence flattening the decks and asking bowlers to do more has produced more bowling and batting depth than ever. our second eleven could give our firsts a real run for the first time ever i think.
    4) given the nature of modern decks compared to his formative years though, a 21 year old southee in 2020 might have a different focus to his bowling. a lot of the guys who came through during the Great Flattening (examples include ferguson, jamieson, kugglejuggle, tickner and even matt henry's test length) hit the deck hard and don't bowl quite as full as southee/boult because after the new ball wears off you're just gonna get smashed.

    overall he easily has the talent to put himself in the conversation in an alternative universe, but he might not quite be the bowler we know.

    3) the two bowlers he is today (the slow one and the one with something to prove) would both be weapons in the shield though. his use of the crease and off cutter would make him more than a basic boi outswing bowler even at 125kph. he would take truckloads of wickets. his challenge would be our selectors being self conscious about selecting a medium pacer and his rivals being more seductive - lockie has a great shield record and is ****ing fast, kyle jamieson has only a good record but is ****ing tall and quicker and even a matt henry coming off a county season and being a proper right arm fast medium would get interest. a medium paced southee might encounter a lesser version of what doug bracewell and matt mcewan struggle to overcome - do we really need a slow corridor bowler?

    tim southee of the recent indian test series bowling proper right arm fast medium with all his tricks would average about 8 in the shield and force his way into the squad and team if we don't pick a spinner.
    2) current decks would push him to become what he became in his first peak sooner i think, but only if he really wanted to play test cricket. there are very few successful medium pacers now and you also need to do more than just huck it down the other end in the corridor, as adam milnes fc ave of 32 shows. pure swing bowlers like seth rance average high 20s and i suspect 19 year old southee of 2008 would struggle to stand out based on performances. at 6 foot 4 and capable of swinging it in the low 140s in his youth though he would be noticed and definitely play for NZ A.

    2012-2014 southee was world class and gets elevated pronto.
    1) ages ago you posed a question in a random thread about whether a young uncapped tim southee would make the test side now and i forgot to reply. i thought it was an interesting question since i love making **** up in what if questions. if it wasn't you sorry for the punishing spew im about to take on your wall.

    depends which southee showed up and how he developed in the shield. he's the last good prospect to come through the system before the Great Flattening in domestic decks of 2008/09 that spawned some of our favourite memes. as a result he discovered you needed to do more than bowl decent outswingers in the corridor to succeed in test cricket and it took him until 2012 to become the finished article.
    Cool, I can't think of 5 more right now but if any pop into my head I'll add them!
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