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Welcome to Cricket Web - Cricket Chat


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I used to play cricket at school and have always been a very keen spectator. I can't pretend to be a technical expert (unless its pies). I am here more to lurk and add vacuous comments like "that was another great century by zak crawley"
Ok you’re definitely not randycricfreak.

Welcome to the forum :)


Cricket Spectator
Hi newcomers to the site, and welcome to the best forum for the discussion of cricket on the web.

We hope you have a look around and find that you enjoy the forum here as much as we all do. James has a 'read me first' on the main index page that is well worth a quick look.

Beyond that, please feel free to use this thread to introduce yourself and tell us a bit about yourself. One of the great things about CC is meeting cricket die-hards and/or people who have just discovered this great game. Who do you support? Do/where do you play yourself? How did you get into the sport and do you have particular heroes?

Look forward to chatting with you!
I hadn't noticed this topic :) Hi all, I'm Jake! I like sports and discussing sports :) I'm interested in sports in general because sports are one of the best pastimes.
I don't go to the gym, but I do exercise at home, so sports are not just words for me.


School Boy/Girl Captain
Just seen this thread.

I'm from Liverpool and follow most sports but particularly football (LFC) cricket and golf.

Went to my 1st test match at Old Trafford in 1980 against the West Indies - it rained all day and we didn't see a ball bowled.

I was at the famous Ashes 1981 test at Headingley. Unfortunately I went on day 1 and watched Aussie opener John Dyson score a painstaking 100.

Also attended the cancelled test last summer at Old Trafford when India pulled out due to Covid concerns about 2 hours before play began - nothing to do with the forthcoming IPL of course.

I've seen loads of great days though and love talking about cricket


Cricket Spectator
hi this is my first post.
The abu dhabi t10 has been frustrating to watch.
3 minutes procrastination between deliveries and 10 minutes between overs is quite dreary viewing.
Lets hope they fix that before doing it again.

The final is being played as i type so it should all be over soon

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
I've made my piece with T20 enough to even actually follow it sometimes, but T10 should be illegal for anything other than legends-league type stuff.