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Scorecard Draft III


International Coach
For those already familiar with the scorecard draft format, it should be noted that this edition won't be exactly the same format.

It'll be different in that each participant picks his next player from his own last scorecard, rather than the scorecard of the participant who picked before him. In essence, you'll be playing with yourself, rather than exclusively against others as usual.

The basic premise is that it is a turn-based all-time draft where each pick has to be a player who has played either with or against the player you last picked. You'll have to post a cricinfo scorecard to prove that association between consecutive picks. In addition, you may not pick any player that was featured in either the scorecard you last posted or the one the participant before you posted.

Some Rules and thoughts:
  • No Bradman.
  • No restrictions on the era you can pick from.
  • No eligibility criteria for players other than that they should have played at least one Test.[/Captain Obvious]
  • 12 hours per pick.
  • In case of failure to pick within your 12 hour window, you get to pick whenever you log-in next, subject to the same scorecard restrictions. i.e, Pick from your last scorecard, and no picking players that feature in either that scorecard or the scorecard posted by the participant that picked immediately before you (as per the original draft order).
  • Only presently ICC-recognised Tests between Test nations eligible. England and the WI qualify as Test nations.
  • 12 rounds. Alternate rounds will be randomised and mirrored (with the NUFAN fix).
  • The first pick can be any player from any era. Obviously the starting point you choose will determine, to an extent, the era where most of your players will be from, unless you manage to time-travel a lot. The number of participants starting off in a particularly popular era might also congest the field and dilute the talent pool available to you. IMO it will be vital to select your jumping off point carefully.

Sign-ups are open. The draft order will be drawn up at close of sign ups, when we can commence to pick players. If there are any suggestions, I'd be glad to hear them.