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*Official* Tour Matches


Norwood's on Fire
Decent effort from the bowlers today to fight back, notably Swann and Broad.

Cook's form is a worry.


International Captain
Strauss and KP are stepping on the gas and going for the win,from what I'm listening to KP is meant to be in great form, which is a great sign.
100 for the Captain, 21 to win off about 6 overs.
That's it, they smashed them in the end,Strauss on 120 no off 140 balls. Bell hit some big shots at the end. Swann bowled really well in the 2nd innings ,which is great for England, especially because it wasn't turning much,but his bounce was causing problems. Great work out all round,quick bowlers bowled well, only worry is Cook, but he does have a knack of scoring big when he needs to.
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Norwood's on Fire
Good innings from Strauss by the side of things.

Resounding victory for us in the end, the first of many on this tour


Virat Kohli (c)
Lol England win, can only imagine what the reactions would have been like if England lost


Cricket Spectator
All over then. 9 Wickets and 243 runs for England today. 5.09 run rate, Strauss tons-up and Swann gets 4. Pretty satisfying from an English perspective - you wouldn't have picked them for a win after yesterday. Cook needs runs.


Cook's form is a worry.
Needs runs v SA or will be facing an effective bat-off versus Morgan in the Oz A game from which I suspect the skipper will be rested.

Good day three from our chaps. Mildly annoying no one bar the skipper went on, but can't have everything. & I have no real wish to contribute to the mildly peevish (on both sides) "Swann: saviour or shyte?" debate, but nice to see him being more effective on the wearing pitch. Just like offies usually are.

Noble One

International Vice-Captain
It was always going to be tough for WA to restrict England to anything less than 300 in a chase. Not sure why North didn't have a bowl, saving himself as the shock weapon for the Ashes?


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That was easy but i guess the line out of Australia will be that we weren't playing much anyway.Two days brushing off the cobwebs then a good day of proper cricket.Great workout for all concerned apart from Cook.


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Carberry and Adams are in the Performance Squad which will be in Australia, and then Steven Davies could also potentially open, he's done it on quite a few occasions for Surrey. I doubt it'd be Trott that'd move up.
You missed out Lyth.Probably done on purpose.:unsure:


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
That was easy but i guess the line out of Australia will be that we weren't playing much anyway.Two days brushing off the cobwebs then a good day of proper cricket.Great workout for all concerned apart from Cook.
In fairness WA also lost their best bowler within the first half a dozen overs of England's first innings. We'll have a much better idea where we stand when we take on Australia A, which should contain most of the players the Aussies are screaming out for to be included in their test side.


International Coach
Good win for England.... More importantly Strauss has show early signs of being in form, which is sign of danger, hope we have our plans is place to counter him.
From an Oz Pov, North is still maintaining that air of inconsistency around him, personally don't know what to make of him, he is class player, but his levels of inconsistency is very annoying.
Disappointed with Pomersbach as well, rated him very highly, and felt that he was a young player, with that X-factor, which might help him, have a great career for Oz, but unfortunately, his career seems to be going nowhere...