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*Official* Pakistan v South Africa in UAE


International Coach
Woah! Innings win possible? Against a team that is #1 by a wide margin! Talk about Pakistan's unpredictability.


International Debutant
What's cringeworthy?

The crux of most comments is that you can never write Pakistan off. Which is true. And also, that a win for Pakistan is not as big an upset as it being made out to be. An upset yes, but one that was always going to be on the cards against a team with an infinitley superior spin attack and playing against them in very tough conditions.
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State Regular
Waqar seriously needs to put his fake American accent to rest. And Chishty needs to stfu. Reading aloud every bit of the on-screen statistics as if everyone watching the live coverage is somehow blind, is something not worth tolerating.

Disgraceful commentary team. A few of the SA commies are the only relief.
Chisty's background includes decades of Radio Commentary where he would be in the radio commentary box - sat in front of TV and did his broadcast for radio audience in Pak, so he is basically programmed to repeat information from TV screen to his audience. Old habits die hard.

But I agree overall he is absolutely not impressive but knows enough influential people in Pak to get the Ten Sports commentary gig.


International Vice-Captain
Pak still needs to get AB, JP and Faf...until then i wouldnt be too upbeat about a win.....let alone an innings defeat.


International Captain
Another Test series that is bubbling up nicely to offer plenty of turns and twists, intrigue and tension, only to be cut short by at least two Test matches!