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*Official* Pakistan v South Africa in UAE


Hall of Fame Member
Since the PCB technically doesn't exist ATM there's no need to worry about funds so they should just play test matches all day everyday.


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
Hard to see when this decline in the number of test matches being played will stop tbh. Anyone I talk to doesn't even realise there's a test series between Pak and S.A. going on....sad times.

And S.A. get some proper practice in ffs. They will in all likeliness lose this one quite heavily.


International Debutant
SA are one of those teams that have always been consistently very good. TBH, i don't remember the last time they were NOT among the top 3 teams in world cricket. However, the lack of a top drawer spinner will expose them every now and then. It's surprising that a team that has always had such a magnificent bowling line, has failed to produce a world class spinner, since..forever?
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Why is Ramiz Raja not commentating? He's a regular on Ten Sports usually. I hate his opposition ass kissing, but he's a much better guy to hear than Chishty Mujahid. Chishty is more boring than a tree.