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**Official** Group B Discussion


Global Moderator
This is why Indian fans don't need to panic about their current situations. India just have so many brilliant young batsman.


Global Moderator
So much batting power to come as well. India will be disappointed if they don't get more than 350 IMO.


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De Villiers? He's miles better as a batsman but not as good a keeper.

Which is a weird thing to say, because two years ago Prior kept in Braille.


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Well, looks like South Africa's tournament is already over...
Terrible start to a tournament. Backs against the wall now if they do lose this as they need to win both remaining games to realistically have a chance of qualifying with a depleted side.


Global Moderator
**** 350. against this bowling, with morkel going off, india should go for 400
Yeah, in fairness my comment was before Morkel went off. :p

I seriously reckon it's already all over for SA this tournament. Morkel and Steyn both injured and their net run rate will take a massive hit today, in all likelihood.


The Tiger King
Is gambhiring your go to reply for anything and everything?

smalishah, "hey dude how are you?"

me, "dunno, i'm worried about my exams"

smalishah, "LOL, gambhiring this"
no but your batting is still to come and SA have some great batsmen like Amla and ABDV.....so it wasn't over by ANY means......SA still had (and do have a chance)....hence the gambhiring


Global Moderator
nah saying this is all but over isn't gambhiring. if india was actually 4/150 but people were saying that SA was toast, then that'd be gambhiring.


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Karthik trying too many fancy things, might not have been the best person to send in a batting PP.