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***Official*** Australia in India 2012/13


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Has Haddin become a better player in the last 12 months when he has been out of the side, most of you wanted him hung drawn and quartered before he was dropped as he was so brainless now want him back when he is older and probably not as good. Strange one.
Lol. He was playing injured and his daughter almost died. He's the best keeper in Australia and a more than decent bat.


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This might be controversial, but out of both teams, Clarke might be the best player of spin on form atm.

Sehwag and Tendulkar clearly better but not quite in form right now. I'd take him vs. anyone in the Indian lineup right now vs. spin.

I just love his use of feet - so many visiting players just don't use their feet and rely on forcing sweep shots and things like that. Proper use of feet neutralizes so many things on these pitches.
I dunno if they are clearly better tbh. They spend more time doing it because of their home conditions but he's pretty damn good.


The Wheel is Forever
I dunno if they are clearly better tbh. They spend more time doing it because of their home conditions but he's pretty damn good.
Well, clearly they do get more practice. But when in form, I'd have to say that both Tendy and Sehwag are pretty destructive even against really excellent spin bowlers in all conditions. IMO anyway. That's not a knock on Clarke at all though.

Not at the moment, mind you.


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Would not have mattered what shot he played as it turned square and kept low
Nah, if he was playing with a straight bat late or getting outside off he had a much better chance.

Cutting off the rough is a big risk right now.


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Michael Vaughan ✔ @MichaelVaughan
So alot of the Aussies will potentially spend near on 4 months in India leading into a Ashes series in England! Great news for England...


International Coach
it'll be interesting if we get a second innings.

dont reckon lyon pitched one ball where the one from ashwin landed either

also ab reading daemons posts