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  • You scored a duck in an offseason trial match. WAC.

    Offseason proper is about to begin though
    Post more on cricsim imo, and also tell Rusty you wanna be an Allstar next season. :cool: Or Heef
    Ashwin now and Dan next round if we can get him. We can't have too many Internationals so it makes sense to pick up the gunnest Indians.
    Was only really thinking Dan since he is likely to bat moderately high up in the order and bowl 4 overs in every game now that he is Bangalore's captain.

    Ashwin is pretty handy too mind you. Lets go with him.
    Right-o was actually thinking of Uthappa since he got such a big price tag.
    M0rphin3, please pick 2 players for Round 10 and Round 11

    All other participants has completed their teams.
    We could always just bat Taylor at 3 and move everyone else up one. Sarwan would be a gun pick though. How many Windies players do we have?
    Kayes is pretty loose mate, he eats up balls but is very much an aggressive player. By which I mean when he plays at the ball he tries to smash it, whenever his SR drops he either isn't playing at the ball or finds fielders.

    I really didn't rate him at all not that long ago though, and have been moderately turned around as seeing him as the best partner for Tamim. Still think he is average and won't be around in a few years time though.
    Reckon Porterfield is a good option because he'll look to bat time for a weak Irish team while Kayes just bats aggressively. If Kayes comes off he could ton up but I'd back Porterfield to get a few fifties and a lot of starts.
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