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***Official*** Australia in India 2012/13


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On a slightly tangential note, why would anyone call for Dhoni to give up limited overs cricket? Saha could probably replace him in the Test XI, but he's one of the best ODI bats ever (as much as it hurts to say that). Dumb to call for him to be a Test specialist, TBH.
by shorter formats they meant T20 only, at least that's what Rahul Dravid talked about in his article, and that's what they were referring to from my understanding. Dhoni's T20 record isn't the best, but more importantly he could use the time off and Kohli/someone else can take over the captaincy to build for the future.


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Disagree. Sehwag could have easily played out the series with India 2-0 up. No one would have blinked if he kept playing.

Obviously Ishant still playing is ****, but Zaheer is an old fat slow **** who can bowl but can't field and cbf batting. Was time to move on.
Look, I'm not Duncan fan. And I am on the whole of the view that if you're going to rag on Dhoni in the losses, Duncan must also be blamed, even if his strength is "building a team and not running an established team".

But 4-0, Duncan has to get some credit, as does Dhoni. It may not wipe out the negatives from 0-4 0-4 and 1-2, but you can't just say "Duncan's moves anyone would have done". That basically means he cannot be given credit ever.
I'll phrase it another way - Any competent coach would have suggested/pressed for the axing of Sehwag. If Fletcher did indeed have input into that decision, then he's competent, and that's paying him a compliment and giving him credit :p

As it stands though, we know literally nothing about what Fletcher does in terms of player development, the amount of power he has over selection, how much power Dhoni has over selections etc etc. That's why I'm hesitant to give or take credit from him, even for the 4-0 disasters.


Virat Kohli (c)
No issues with that. If you're not blaming him for the 0-4 0-4 1-2, then its fair enough not to credit him with 4-0 as well.

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With our crap batting in India someone might just say that the sun has set on Australian batting. That someone might just be Ian Chappell. Blames the development of young batsmen and the emphasis on short form over long form matches. Says technique has suffered as well as the ability to concentrate over long periods and tough out good bowling. Could be passed off as an over reaction except that people like Hughes, Watson and Warner give him plenty of examples to point to.


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Punter seems to agree on the direction youth cricket has gone is bad for development. T20 finals for u17 and u19 etc.
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Virat Kohli (c)

Shouldn't laugh at Teja's misfortune but such a random bet. And did not ask any AFL fan's opinion either it seems.