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Mohammad Amir retires from tests


International Debutant
Rumors are that Amir wants to get British passport quick since his wife is also a British and become a full time free lance T20 cricketer, eventually giving up playing for Pakistan completely.
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Does serving time in a British jail speed up the process?
Well they certainly seem to appreciate violent thugs don't they

Drugs a big no-no though so Amir better not show up in that marijuana shirt again


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I’ve reported this post as it is promoting a racist stereotype, as well as trolling and inciting other posters.

Plus, weldone having a breather over he Ashes would be the best outcome for everyone tbh

Abdullah Khalid

School Boy/Girl Captain
Strange timing. In his.last 6 tests he had taken 24 @ 21 coupled with his world cup stats I think his bowling skills and intelligence was finally getting in tuned with his lower pace post return.I think this desicion just shows he will always be a money whore, he does not want to play the most physically demanding format and risk being totally totally done by 31-32 instead this way he can extend his earning potential till he is 35-37 playing LOI and various T-20 leagues.
Personally I am not to worried by this development I like the current pace bowling stocks we have and post ban Amir is really not that huge of a loss tbh

being a Fast Bowler is very cruel (especially in SC).

You can't expect Heavy Machinery (say Plane's Engine) to get going after 5years break. Team Management (especially Micky Arthur) made him play every match after his comeback. That was not the right way.

Australia handled Cummins workload (when he returned after recovering from injury) way better than PCB handled Amir's workload.

This article by a famous writer OsmanSamiuddin summed up the whole thing brilliantly.