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Mohammad Amir retires from tests


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Remember kids, if Amir match fixes he needs our sympathy and support, but if 27 other blokes do it before him, they deserve opprobrium and to be treated like lepers forever. Because ignorant shepherd kid from an inherently corrupt cricketing culture or something

Abdullah Khalid

School Boy/Girl Cricketer
Really hope they/everyone does all they can to protect Shaheen Afridi.
Why? Has he match fixed too?
PCB's medical panel & Team Management has destroyed many promising careers including but not limited to Muhammad Zahid , Junaid Khan , Roman Raees , HASAN ALI & Muhammad Abbas (lost his pace after shoulder injury 2018 & now bowls at 125kph).

Hope they manage workloads of Shaheen, Naseem, Haris, Muhammad Musa & Hasnain.

the big bambino

International Captain
When did Abbas get his shoulder injury? He played Aus late in 2018 and cleaned up. Can't imagine he was bowling much more than 125k at that stage either.