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Man Of The Series?

cover drive man

International Captain
Just had a big row with Andmark who thinks Dravid should get man of the series. My argument is how can a player who's lost what very probably looks like a whitewash get man of the series? Andmark's argument is that he's pretty much carried India by scoring three centuries. True, but none of his innings have won any of the games and India are still humiliated.

I'm going with Broad meself.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Don't both sides get one?

Dravid and Broad for respective sides with Broad edging it.

Great example of a losing player deserving it though as was 05 ashes with Warne who fought a similar lone battle..


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He did it against an attack that was miles ahead of the Indian one. I'd still give it to Broad if I had to choose but Dravid's definitely second in line imo.


The Wheel is Forever
A bowler should get it. England took 20 wickets in (most likely) four consecutive tests against a batting lineup that was very highly regarded. And kept them to a high score of 300 over seven innings. That's is a exceptionally awesome performance by the attack. Really, what else do they have to do to start getting some recognition?

With that said, Dravid was the best batsman on show (I know others scored more but they did it against the Indian bowling, which was back in 90s mode most of the time).

Anyway debate is kind of irrelevant since both teams get one - so Dravid for India clearly.


U19 12th Man
Broad averaging 60 with bat and 13.5 with ball (23 wickets). Single-handedly, brought England back into match at Trent Bridge, has to be him.


International Captain
As much as I've loved watching KP bat, the way Broad played in those first 2 test was unreal, he was like Botham in his absolute pomp, almost superman like. He's been quieter since but has still bowled immaculately.


Hall of Fame Member
For me it would have to be Broad from both sides combined. If a separate award was to be given for an indian player i would choose Dravid


Virat Kohli (c)
Without Broad England could very well have lost Trent Bridge. Has to be Broad.

Dravid though, WAFG