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Final - England v India


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Who would have thought that holding the final at a ground with prank-drainage in a rainy area with no reserve day was a bad idea.


International Regular
I guess I should be looking for an alternative sunday afternoon activity.... I can't see a window for 40 overs today.


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Just don't play them at all sure. They're an embarrassment to the sport. Imagine if it happened in football: "Nah we were going to play the World Cup final, but it was raining so we just decided to share the trophy instead".

Reckon the ICC are a step ahead here.


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So it's a shared trophy if there's no play today? They don't separate the teams via NRR through the tournament?


International Debutant
This is sadly shaping up to be a repeat of India's other Champions Trophy final against the host. Indian advertisers must be gnashing their teeth on what might have been the biggest cricket TV audience since the World Cup final. However if the game does get completed, a shortened version probably helps India in that early wickets will matter less.


International Captain
They have flood lights but won't use them to turn it into a day-night game (in case the rain stops)!!!! so the cut off time is 4.18 pm