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English Football Season 2015-16 Top 4 and other predictions

EPL Top 4

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So, let's put some flags down. Pick 4 teams in the poll for top 4 and mention:

Champion: Chelsea - I don't think the other teams have done enough to catch up and they're already formidable and a healthy Costa may push them further in the CL.
Relegated teams: Watford, Norwich and Sunderland. First two because I think the other teams are stronger; Sunderland because despite staying up they were very fortunate and negative. Could change after a proper season with Advocaat.
Top scorer: Aguero - with Sterling supporting him I reckon he'll have his best ever scoring season.
Top assists: Fabregas - easy, always up there.
Player of the Season: I think Chelsea will win the league but I think it'll be the season Aguero finally gets the recognition.
First manager to get sacked: Not really sure at all; let's go Advocaat

...and anything else you want to mention.
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King Pietersen

International Captain
Champions United
Relegated teams Norwich, Sunderland and Watford
Top Scorer Rooney
Top Assists Fabregas
Player of the Season Rooney
First Manager to get Sacked Rodgers

Top 4 - United, Chelsea, City and Everton :ph34r:


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I'm gonna anti-jinx myself but finally not voting for Liverpool in the top 4. That, and I think we've brought in too many players in the past 2 seasons and have lost our 3 best.


Norwood's on Fire
Top 4:
Forest Green

Boreham Wood

Top scorer
Andy Mangan

Top assists:
Lois Maynard



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Champion: Chelsea, followed by Arsenal, Citeh and United. Arsenal's squad would've been good enough to win the title when the field was a bit weaker but I don't think they'll find a way to compete with Chelsea in the big games. Citeh are at the end of a cycle I think, too many players that are on the way down. United have sorted out most squad-gaps but to challenge they would need a player in the same league as Hazard/Aguero/Sanchez.
Relegated teams: Aston Villa, Bournemouth, Norwich. Villa's squad is in terrible shape, Bournemouth would do incredibly well to stay up, and Norwich just don't have a lot going for them.
Top scorer: Aguero
Top assists: Hazard
Player of the Season: Hazard, already good enough to win it last year and at 24 you have to think he's only going to get better.
First manager to get sacked: I'll go with Quique Flores, Watford love a good sacking.


Hall of Fame Member
So, little doubt really who the top 4 will be. Would love a surprise one of these years. Not like Liverpool making it but a team like Southampton or Crystal Palace doing it.


Global Moderator
Might as well.

Champion: Arsenal
Relegated teams: Villa, Norwich and Sunderland
Top scorer: Kun. The GIMH answer is Walcott though.
Top assists: Mesut.
Player of the Season: Mesut
First manager to get sacked: Mourinho


Hall of Fame Member
Interesting is one word I suppose.

Everyone seems to be getting hyped up about Stoke because they have loads of former Barcelona players but I think Swansea have made the better transfer, could easily make 7th.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Champion - Chelsea
Relegated - Watford, Bournemouth and Aston Villa
Top scorer - Aguero
Top assists - Fabregas
POY - Hazard
First sacking - Sherwood


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Champion - Citeh
Relegated - Villa, Sunderland, Norwich
Top scorer - Aguero
Top assists - Fabregas
POY - Aguero
First sacking - Advocaat


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Champions: Man City
Relegated teams: All 3 promoted teams, Bournemouth, Watford and Norwich
Top Scorer Aguero
Top Assists Fabregas
Player of the Season Aguero, Depay close.
First Manager to get Sacked: Eddie Howe