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Dev League XV Friendlies


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Not bad, a bit dissapointed with my ER in the first innings, got it back again in the second, 3/40 and 27* represents a decent runout.

Not like Green would chase down 530+ so if we'd have been bothered we'd have declared earlier and finished them off. The batting power is there for all to see, doesn't matter if your tail starts at 7 if your top six is that uber.

Suppose we had 30 overs at the 8th wicket partnership at the end there, we've had trouble knocking teams over in the 4th innings before
The idea with the late declaration was to allow the batsmen some time in the middle and Smith to get his ton. In the end though 121 overs should have been plenty to bowl Green out in the fourth innings.
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Could've been worse, but should've been much much better. Encouraging signs from Fitzy and Mike is a powerhouse, Towns contributing solidly as well.


You'll Never Walk Alone
Needed those wickets in the second innings, first dig was a shocker.

Awesome work from our batsmen, encouraging signs for Teh Blax.


Evil Scotsman
Good batting from Reds, need to try and stake a claim against Green.

Corrin's so getting me out first ball :laugh:


International Vice-Captain
Dauth is gun... good battting against Colts....

Waiting for the game against GREEN... this will be debut game this season for me.. tensed


Norwood's on Fire
Nice stuff, we are in good shape, we have a middle order!

Pleased with my own form as well. Four innings, no dismissals, and a 5fer

Oh, and while I may not have got Dinnen out, holding on to that catch sure was sweet. I don't expect to get the chance to get him out in a real game, because well, he's turd. why would Red pick him?


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Hmmm, disappointing result, but not a huge worry given it was a very inexperienced FC team. Was pleasing to see Singh making top order runs though, same goes for Goff, even if he did drop a few catches.


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Good result that, everyone got starts at least, with some promising 80s and Cole's huge score. Hard to remember the last time Green hit 500 and then didn't follow it up with a sub 200 score.

Wasn't a 1st XI from Red granted, but we kept their major talents quiet.


Cricketer Of The Year
Happy with the 84, Dissapointed with the 2 dropped Catches. Overall a pleasing Debut...