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  • Hey Simon,

    Was wondering if you could spare a few seconds to complete my survey. Would be much appreciated.

    Monash University Survey | Qualtrics Survey Software
    Hey Simon,

    Are you able to email me a copy of Blue players OD and 4Day starting averages/ratings? Just trying to work out batting orders. Emai: its_rob_bowen@hotmail.com - cheers.
    Haha sod it.
    You were first to approach and you've been quite persistent. So done.
    Yeah, I seem to be spending a lot of my time on here nowadays; so that shouldn't be an issue. However, it might just be that the start of the season coincides with my exams so if I disappear for a week don't worry. I'll be back :p
    Like the sound of that :)
    Batted pretty well with Rai at Princes Town during the Offseason last year. Would be good to start that up again.
    Sounds pretty awesome to me :D
    Yeah, will do soon. Was just going to let Clapo know the bad news first haha.
    Out of interest, what sort of role can I expect at the Colts? I know I've not played a ga,e before and we're a considerable way from the season yet. But what's the batting depth looking like?
    Yeah was going to check with him next time I saw him on. Will be good to get involved :)
    I signed up on the Website so they were never posted on the forum... I'll just re-sign up if you like, its not like i ever played a game....
    Ah devo'd. I think they got posted somewhere. Am on my phone at the moment so will get them toyou tomorrow if that's ok?
    Thought I had said I was, certainly put my name down.

    Am assuming my old person would be retired by now.
    Hey mate, how do you want to run this?

    Do you want to take a format each, or make it a combined effort for all three? I'm not too fussed either way.
    Simon, sorry to bother you but can you link me where the squads are and stuff. I can't seem to locate them when i'm on the phone or something.
    Hey man, Sorry on the phone doing this so its a bit of a mess, if i haven't put my team in for 2morrow can you use my default one please.
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