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  • Haha no problem man, don't worry about it at all. I haven't watched any of them yet, but will give them a shout when I get some time. Had a look at the charts for the winter just gone and spring this year and they look pretty crap tbh, couldn't see anything I liked the look of.

    My old 360 RRD'd so I had to replace it haha, sadly that meant my old gamertag etc... was all lost (binned the old HD before realising I could transfer it....bit dire). Haven't actually got it online as yet, as it's at my parents' house, but I'll have a lot more time to play it after my exams are done, so yeah it'd be gun to play something again.

    I'm a huge ME fan though! But am holding off on the new one for exam related reasons...haha
    Hey man I'm good thanks. Did become irregular with the E for a while but I've been watching everything on the 'road to wrestlemania' - don't know what you think but I think this is cena's best ever promo work. Mania should be a classic with at least three matches with ATG potential.

    I haven't caught up with any UFC in a while tbh which is a shame really. Been any great fights?

    How are things for you?
    Have heard good thing's about Stein's gate myself, like you though, I'm too lazy to get around to it. Had a free couple of days a week or so ago so watched the entire two seasons of Darker than black and the gaidens, bit intense tstl.

    How are you anyway? Not seen you around here for a while (then again, I've been on one of my enforced terms of absence until recently).
    Hahaha, I wasn't even sure what it was he was saying to me tbh, so I thought it was the appropriate response. Tell you what, if there was one poster on here I'd like to run over and then reverse over them, he'd be top of the pile...probably.
    Hey Majin,

    Was wondering if you could spare a few seconds to complete my survey. Would be much appreciated.

    Monash University Survey | Qualtrics Survey Software
    Yeah, watched the whole thing at my mate's. It was so so good. The last three fights in particular I thought were awesome. Will be trying to catch more UFC from here on in.
    Sorry mate, I don't think I can do that. Emerton seems a good pick. =)
    Please check MMA thread for fight offer, 'CWFL 2- The Redemption',and training rules
    There will be two exhibition fights at the press launch of CWFL. These fights will not count towards professional records. CWFL would like to offer you $1500 to fight an exhibition bout against Joseph O'Malley

    Money can be spent in the future on betting on fights or upgrading stats.

    Please accept or decline in the thread.
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