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Dev League XV Friendlies


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Over the next week or so there will be some friendlies, all discussions and results etc... will be in this thread. Could captains please name their teams in the team naming thread. If you want any special orders such as bowling spells, agressions, declarations etc... please email them to dcoulthardf1@hotmail.com before the match.

Friendlies Fixtures

Friday 15th: First Class - Colts vs Red & Black vs Green
Monday 18th: First Class - Green vs Red & Blue vs Black
Tuesday 19th: First Class - Red vs Blue & Colts vs Green
Wednesday 20th: One Day - Black vs Colts & Blue vs Green
Thursday 21st: One Day - Red vs Black & Colts vs Blue
Friday 22nd: One Day - Black vs Blue & Red vs Green

The season will then begin on the following Wednesday


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Yeh they will be, as these matches arent official or count towards stats etc... they can play.


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Replied, also be aware guys One Day stats wont be out until Monday most likely.


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Not too bad that, obviously never looked like winning it, but we'd have lost that game in seasons past.


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Reasonably happy with that. Would have been nice if we held onto some catches though...


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Not bad from Red there. Bowling lacked penetration, batting was a bit shaky but some good foundations. We scored at over 4rpo in the first and at nearly 5 in the second! Also pretty happy to have found a little bit of form... these SURELY count towards official FC stats right? :D
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Not bad, a bit dissapointed with my ER in the first innings, got it back again in the second, 3/40 and 27* represents a decent runout.

Not like Green would chase down 530+ so if we'd have been bothered we'd have declared earlier and finished them off. The batting power is there for all to see, doesn't matter if your tail starts at 7 if your top six is that uber.

Suppose we had 30 overs at the 8th wicket partnership at the end there, we've had trouble knocking teams over in the 4th innings before
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