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Cricket Books

a massive zebra

International Vice-Captain
Much depends on what sort of nick they're in - Bowlers tends to be a bit pricier - if they were in top condition a dealer would want £250 and £200, but condition is everything and for something that was clean and complete but has some faults then half that and rebinds or damaged copies even less - unless it's a really classy rebind and they match, but even so they are not always easy to shift. Although you virtually never see it they did come with a very flimsy and basic dust jacket back in the day - if they still had those then that would up it
Oh interesting, I didn't know this!

I own a copy of Great Batsmen and have seen Great Bowlers on the bookshelves of various cricket booksellers and I've never seen a dustjacket!


Y no Afghanistan flag
- The Ashes centenary series
- Australian Cricket Legends past and present (Jack Pollard)
- Crcket Yearbook 1992 Featuring the World Cup (edited by Richie Benaud)
- The Hamlyn Encyclopedia of Cricket (Peter Wynne-Thomas and Peter Arnold)
- Chappelli has the last laugh
- Greg Chappell (Adrian McGregor)
- Cricketer at the Crossroads (Max Walker)
- Fifteen Paces (Alan Davidson)

They are all gathering dust at my parents house.

Im going to try read Davos book, but not that interested in the others.

neville cardus

International Debutant
My copy of Home Gordon's Background to Cricket is a bit smudgy atop page p. 164, beginning with the words "in order to obtain notification of his selection, and at once..." Would someone care to snap a photograph of this page for me?