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archie mac

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  • Let us know if you do get tickets for the Lord's Test mate - even if I don't get to the game we can meet up for a couple of beers afterwards. I might have some books and mags I can offload onto you.
    Just sent you a review mate - apologies for the delay, it's been a busy old time at work. And it's only going to get worse so I thought I better get it out of the way now...
    Sorry, meant I'd copy this onto James' wall. The dangers of copying and pasting.
    Hey Archie,

    I've just finished reading "The Last Everyday Hero", written by Rod Nye and Richard Boock - it's basically the first biography on Bert Sutcliffe since Bert himself wrote one back in the mid-1960s. Would you guys like a review? I can take a photo of the cover etc. Will also copy this onto Archie's wall.

    Sorry mate, only just notice this, they should both be double reviews. Thanks on the tip for the other forum
    Hi, I've received two books - Pommies and In a Different League: Cricket's North South Divide. Handy for me as I've got no other book on the go atm, so which do you want first? And am I right in thinking that at least one will be a double?

    Also there's a thread over on CFF that may interest you - someone writing a book on the Triangular Tournament.
    Archie, the Chapman review at Cricket Web - Cricket Books: Percy Chapman - A Biography has him as a right-hander. Can you please turn him around ?

    What is the nick of Martin Chandler ?
    I'm thinking Clyde Walcott and his less useful brother next? We do need to come up with a good pair at some point, but a keeper will be hard. But I guess we could try and get Sanga or Gilly or someone.
    Hey mate, just posting to let you know of my thoughts for the next round of the draft before I go to bed - I think we should take cousins Conrad Hunte and Colin Croft with our next pick, but if you have any better pairs in your head, feel free to go for them :)
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