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Cricket Books


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Might have mentioned this before but can’t be bothered trawling through the thread

My Dad bought me lots of cricket books when I was a kid and Marlin published many autobiographies/biographies of cricketers

Completely unfiltered compared to today and great reads for cricket enthusiasts

Bobby Simpson called Griffith out as a blatant chucker

Freddie Trueman called the ECB out as racist & class bigots

Highly recommended

Ali TT

International Debutant
Just read White Hot by Tim Wigmore and Matt Roller about the turnaround in English white ball cricket since 2015. Bought it after hearing it plugged on a few podcasts. First half was fascinating, getting the inside view of the transformation and mentality. Second half wasn’t as good as it was more about the games in the glory run of 19-22, nice memories though they largely are it’s not as insightful. Still a good read though.

Now starting Steve Smith’s Men by Geoff Lemon, thanks @SteveNZ for the recommendation (will withdraw the thanks if the book is ****e)
I enjoyed Wigmore's book on the rise of T20, Cricket 2.0, made me appreciate that format a lot more.

Recently read Peter Oborne's history of Pakistani cricket, Wounded Tiger. I enjoyed the history of the sport in Pakistan, and he brings out the characters of some of the stars well but the book itself wasn't brilliantly written or edited.