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Australian Domestic Season 2017/18


International Coach
First Day rain effected in the National u19 Champs so only NSW Metro v Tassie got started. All games started and completed for round 2 today though.



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They'll have to bat for a bloody long time for him to get there. Dermo Abbott to the rescue again, one feels.


Cricketer Of The Year
What is it with Victoria and garbage part time bowlers this season. Already used 8 bowlers by the 70th over, even Marcus Harris rolled his arm over for some reason. More overs from Ahmed and especially Holland are needed.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
NSW on track for an innings defeat. A decent effort given the first day was washed out.

Queensland need to take 7/50 to have a shot at the outright. Imo we should have got the first innings points then let it fizzle to a draw.

WA vs Vic looks set to end in a draw. Lots of runs, few wickets since the first day.

Second Spitter

State Vice-Captain
South Australia should be forced to give Weatherald an opportunity to showcase his leggies. I heard they are better than Smith's.