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Australian Domestic Season 2017/18


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My god, CA and the states are actually being organised and announcing their **** at the same time.


International Coach
NSW new boy Micky Edwards. Supposedly Jack Edwards in the current u19 side is his younger brother and is dubbed a future star.



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live video on the website is it? not just twitter updates?

Either way a bit disappointing tbh, was enjoying my Octobers just flicking on Ch9 in the middle/early side of the day to watch some comfy domestics.

Shady Slim

International Coach
man we don't have overseas tours barring the ashes on FTA but am i ****ing glad we get the matador cup


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Surprising that Steketee didn't make the Qld squad. Beau Webster for Tas too.

Must feel like a bit of a step down to end up in the CA XI the next year. I wonder if they feel a bit awkward doing it.


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Should motivate them to work harder. The other thing is that it's probably easier to star in the CA XI than in a different state side.


Y no Afghanistan flag
Even without Lynn QLD have a very good batting lineup. Beau Webster non-selection for Tasmania is crazy. Hopefully he helps the inexperienced batting lineup at CA XI.

The players I'm looking forward to seeing are:

- Harry Nielsen CA XI - Tim's son
- Matt Renshaw QLD - Just so he can show his adaptability.
- Alex Carey SA - Could represent Australia this season
- Jake Doran TAS - time to start seeing some potential
- Peter Siddle VIC - the big hearted Victorian is a smoky for that vital all rounder slot for Australia. Has taken a test hat-trick and scored twin 50's in a Test - sublime.
- Kurtis Patterson NSW - I'm not 100% sold on him yet although he does show obvious potential. Curious to see how he handles spin
- Ashton Turner WA - Now the vice captain. This guy has a heap of potential and is the type of player I would like to see make Australian squads in the white ball formats.