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2nd Semi Final - Australia v India (26th March)

Who will win this match?

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International Debutant
Don't see India chasing this but at least they have half a chance. Pretty poor bowling effort on the whole and it was only some average batting for 7 overs of so that has prevented Australia from batting them out of the game.


International Captain
So before the game started, my hope was that we would be able to restrict them to 320 and then hope to chase that down. There was no chance that we were going to be able to keep them below that. Not too sad about the score we have conceded. Hope we can chase it down.


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Going to take something really special. I predict a 220 allout tbh. Mitch batting well always spells disaster.

Not totally out of this though, we definitely have a chance if we get a nice solid start like Australia did.


International Debutant
The Indian top order will be under so much pressure. Johnson and Starc will have license to go flat out with attacking fields and could finish the game in their opening spells. If India is alive after 10 overs (say 60-1) there could be a game.


International Debutant
So NZ, with an inferior batting lineup to India, chased down 298 in 43 overs against a better bowling attack than India will face, and India have 7 more overs to score 29 more runs.

India to take this.