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  • Hey kw welcome back! You got 3 picks in the Losers Draft that you can make as and when you please.
    Hello KiwiViktor
    Have you have heard of cricsim.com. A bunch of us are members there. As a simulation man yourself you should be interested in a web site dedicated to the concept of cricket simulation. Each member gets a virtual player in a simulated league. My team the cyclones would love to have you sign up for them. If you are interested in checking out the site let me know. I can answer any questions you have,
    All for now
    Hey you've come online a few times today. Thought to update that you have a pick in the Average draft :)
    You could take Gooch or Mark Taylor as opener! Or Gower, Cowdrey, Chappelli, Abbas in the middle order ahead (Ahead of Mark Richardson in the 40-45)
    Was ok. Got distracted very quickly tho. Became very aware of my own breathing too. Probably smth to try again another day.
    Pretty stoned off some home made Cannaoil and abt to try to meditate in my room.
    Im living your life.

    Will get back to you with results
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