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  • I work round that area, at Minimax if you know it. Do you know Luke Spence? I think he plays premier twos for you.
    Hey mate, hope you're doing well! Would you mind checking in with the email I sent you earlier today please? Would really appreciate some feedback if you'd be free tonight to offer some. Thanks as always.
    Just testing there - I'll change Kasper's name - David was very prompt, but just sent me a link to an article I'd alreadt read but I'm quite pleased with what I've done - thanks again for your help Jack
    Cheers man. Took me about 20 minutes to edit all the text in it and I ****ed up the very last click, typical :p
    Hey mate. I just screwed up my poll I was posting, any chance you could edit it so that we can vote for multiple teams/close the thread if that's not possible?
    Haha, about 97% at least. That's why I edited in a point to the first paragraph about how I probably wouldn't bother replying to him if he replied to that post. If he actually addresses my point I'll be happy to have a discussion with him but if he wants to do what he did last time during the FDA debate then it'll be met with silence.
    Hey, what's your email address now? jp_mcnamara@hotmail.com and your monash.student.edu both don't work.
    However, if you are interested in the subject, here are some scientific papers you may find interesting: An evaluation of biomechanical measures of bo... [Sports Biomech. 2007] - PubMed - NCBI, Fast bowling arm actions and the illegal deli... [Sports Biomech. 2006] - PubMed - NCBI.
    1) There were two phases. One where they used high speed cameras on certain bowlers (I am not sure if McGrath was one of them) to show the motions which look like a chuck to the naked eye but isn't, and vice versa...and the second one was using in play testing in the Champions Trophy using some special equipment.
    2) The biochechanics experts were Dr. Bruce Elliot, Dr. Paul Hurrion, and Dr. Marc Portus and they presented directly to the six member committee (which included Holding, Fraser, and I am not sure who else). As far as I know they said the majority of bowlers were well outside the limits, with Sarwan being the only one with no noticeable bend, but they haven't released the results publically. If they didn't sign any agreements re: its release, it might be worth contacting the experts like I did with the 1979 Fast Bowler's Competition.
    Had all my exams on Monday and Tuesday, now to enjoy eight weeks of freedom. Really excited about SA/England though, should be a thriller of a series.
    posting a lot of such pictures in context would still be bombardment. So now the rule is to only place limited amount of such pictures?
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