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  • Yeah super coach points system is more in depth and based on quality. I just cbf playing both, because when you add the "draft" leagues (which DT and SC both have) which I am playing, that is too many fantasy teams to pay attention to.

    Unfortunately leagues are all full once round 1 starts they auto-fill leagues with randoms if your league is not full. :(
    Marcuss has picked. Blakus and I are on-line. Care to select a player as it's my bed-time?
    It is very very annoying. When kyear2 joined in the beginning I would get so pissed off at this that I would keep hounding him until it annoyed the crap out of him :p. Btw I thought maybe a moderator had hit me up to tell me that I was being infracted for making that post :p
    16 or at a pinch 17 - the further back you go the smaller they were - in Victorian times it was sometimes just 12 or 13
    Yeah, Spencey has played a few games in the 2s, mostly 3s at the moment. He'll be an alright player.
    Yeah, use it mainly for stalking intelligent cricket discussion though. Never really got round to posting much though.
    I think that you did the correct thing skipping Agent TBY. He has missed 4 Rounds of the ODI Draft and 2 Rounds of the Classic Draft. Therefore, I see no point flogging a dead horse 9 times over. It maybe that something really unfortunate has happened to him which is sad. But in the main, if someone disappears without being considerate enough to send any kind of notification then they deserve what they get for taking everyone else for granted.
    I'm going offline. Could you pick for me if you're still on?
    1st choice- Brian Lara
    2nd- Greg Chappell
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