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  • Hi vic, I was not trolling/baiting and I'm really not sure why I was infracted for that.
    No that's right Jack, it's Tim Hoffman's invention, not Neilsen. His son Joshua Hoffman recently played for Australia U16 as a leggie/all-rounder, so that also seems like an okay Aggot ball endorsement.
    Hey Cribb and Jack, did either of you ever bowl with Tim Nielsen's Aggot training ball? It was basically a ball that's still 156g, except with its cheeks cut off.

    Would it be a good training aid for a kid who's sort of under-cutting the spin on his SLA, or is it better to just source a high FPS camera to get a clearer idea of whether the angle of spin's improving or not.
    Hey mate, hope you're well. I don't seem to have a current email address for you. I was wanting to email you about a thread in the staff forum.
    Don't get how I get infracted for saying moron in reply to "sick bastard" :p . Regardless, the whole thing was in jest anyway. That's just how me and Shri converse.
    Spoke to my PT and his advice is deep tissue massage, yoga and strengthening if you want to avoid surgery for a while. In terms of weights, no exercises like shoulder presses that involve lifting weights above the head. Stick to press ups, pull downs, seated rows, etc that will help build strength around the damaged area. Not ideal as surgery is the only guaranteed fix but it will help
    Dont try to bowl with it at all and get private health anyway - it will save you a fortune and especially when Mrs Vic wants to start a family
    Mate, have the surgery when you can. When I tore the right one, it was at a time when surgery was very much a hit and miss affair so I tried everything else e.g. physio (no help) and cortisone (made it worse). In the meantime, it went from bad to worse and I was restricted to fielding in close as I could do no more than lob the ball in under-arm. Anyway, I eventually found a chinese naturopath who treated me with acupuncture and deep tissue massage as by that time all of my back muscles were out of alignment due to compensating for the injury. Hurt like a bitch but got me back to a point where I could throw at about 70%. By way of contrast, I tore my left one last year, had the op, did the rehab and it now feels a like a million bucks. Funnily enough, the right now feels the best it has since before the original injury and I put that down to swimming
    Could you please correct Ellyse Perry's name in the thread title I just started? Thanks :)
    So let me get this straight, an entire thread dedicated basically to discussing infractions in which ***** himself states he thought my infractions were unfair AND also that he should probably have been banned, and the only post you decide to give a warning/infract in that entire thread despite people constantly attacking me was one I posted stating why he doesn't get infractions. Way to prove me right.
    Hey mate.. I didn't know posting that pic was against the rules.. sorry. HOpe that was the only reason for the infraction??
    Hi vic, any chance you could change the LMS thread title to "New round 11th November" please.
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