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  • Fair enough. One was against a girl in work's husbands side and he got out for not many. The guy who took the catch that got him out was buzzing as you might imagine.
    Yep, Alderley Edge

    Must confess I've not heard much of it the past few weeks though. Hoping he's still there as they are due at Neston CC end of July which is right near me

    I don't work far from there, and it's amazing the difference, my midrange 10 plate car suddenly feels like a wheelie bin
    Glad to hear youre coming to a part of the world I know well. There are some good people there. It is a lovely part of Yorkshire and I hope you will be happy making a life there. I wish you both happiness and a good life together.
    Sweet. Will try and get up. Got a few club cricket afternoons planned as Freddie is playing in the Cheshire league
    Not too far at all. Other end of the peninsula, I could get there in 15 mins
    Asked in the tour thread but obviously it's moved on. Wondering what you meant about Aussie smugness RE Smith and how it reminded you of Hughes circa 09
    Appreciated mate. Will definitely throw you a message if/when I'm in that neck of the woods.

    Cheers for the advice too. Though, I'm yet to hear any glowing reviews of any regional work anywhere!
    Atm it's looking likely I'll fly into Perth as my Dad has a friend not far from there who owns some vineyards so that I can throw myself straight into it. Hopefully rattle off 4-6 weeks of regional work and meet some other people in a similar situation before starting to think about heading to the East Coast. Don't want to do all 88 days in case I don't stay for the second year of the Visa but I think it's a decent idea to get some out of the way rather than leaving it all until the point where I absolutely have to do the 3 months in one blast.

    Hoping to be out there for a long enough time to tick off most things in fairness. I know it's easier said than done but working down from Brisbane to Melbourne via Sydney (or the opposite way in fact) sounds pretty appealing. It does mean that I'll have pretty much missed out on the Northern half but depending on time and funds we'll see I suppose!
    Ahaha, fair enough. No bother there mate.

    Heading out as I shot myself in the foot this year and I want to get something from it rather than just slaving away in a dead-end job wasting time while living at home until I can do something with my life this September (looking at teacher training). Hoping to do a bit of work and a fair bit more travelling.
    Hey mate,

    Time has come to get the flags shipped from Brisbane to Melbourne. Are you interested in receiving them and putting the Hughes one up on day one or would you prefer we just get them shipped to Max for day 2? If you do want to do day one it will mean you'd have to liaise with Max to organise a meet somewhere before day 2 to pass them on. I'd also need your address to pass on to howardj for shipping. You can email me at.....addtamx at gmail dot com.

    Let me know either way sometime today as howardj will be posting them tomorrow.


    Hey Vic,

    Just wanted to check with you to see if you were interested in doing the flag thing on day 1? The hassle maybe that you'd have to meet up with Max on the morning of day 2 somewhere to pass them on, no idea how viable or convenient that is going to be for you. Anyway, I certainly didn't want to cut you out and if you're keen and can meet with Max then we can get the flags sent to you (I'll have to grab your address for the shipment).

    But if it's going to be a pain then there is certainly no pressure, we have 3 days covered at the G so that's a pretty good result.

    Let me know mate :)

    Dude, my club is after someone to bat top 6 and bowl a bit of spin next season. Do you know anyone that would fit the bill and fancy it? Not just meaning yourself aha
    Jackson5713 mate, apologies for the delay mate. Read the VM late one day and it slipped my mind
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