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  • Hey ss, I'm doing well. How's life at your end? Do you have a mail id or something I can catch you on?
    Surely you could credit card---->Entropay--->betting site?

    That's what I do.
    Is he talking specifically about the Chennai pitch? I can't remember because it was a long time ago but Warne spun it a lot when he bowled it into the rough. Frankly, a wrist-spinner of Warne's calibre will spin it on glass.
    See if the tour thread hadn't been so good-natured, I'd have bumped the thread from around about the end of the Ashes where Darren Gough said England could beat India any day of the week. It's hilarious reading looking back on it, quite a lot of people getting optimism and arrogance confused.
    No idea mate. It's pretty vile what they eat but I could imagine you being fine with it all, haha. I imagine none of it is actually considered food but obviously it's edible.
    You ever seen I'm a celebrity? Pretty stupid programme but they do this food trial that reminds me of you
    Looks in better shape than he ever did as a cricketer, IMO. But yeah, agree completely.
    I wish he wasn't doing it but he's worked hard and looks in great shape. Good luck to him.
    Yeah expected a response like that - wouldn't have dug them if I thought it would actually provoke you
    LOL, I just realised, what am I talking about Iran for? You're already living in a country which pre-emptively invades other countries on perceived benefits for them.
    2- I am not interested in winning the argument, having the last say or whatever. I wanted to see if you understand this thing. You do, you just don't think any eventual/progression of transgressions can occur when using this logic in one instance that you consider harmful. Here, we are in another disagreement...history is replete with abuses, further and further, of power. It won't happen all at once; the frog will be boiled slowly. I've seen it first hand in my country of birth. So, based on that, for the mere fact at least my system will give you what you want, and give others what they want; I consider it illogical to choose a system which forces only the wants of one subset of people.

    Anyway, cheers for the reponses.
    1- I think the problem I have is that I, nor you, have a right to decide what is onerous or not on somebody else. In my system, it does not preclude you from doing what you think is right. In yours it does. The question is not that circumcision is equal to taxation; it is that you see a wide benefit and think it fit to use force to establish it. Whether that benefit exists at al and whether that force can be justified is simply your subjective reasoning. And the processes a dictator may use to establish his view is no different than what yours is.
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