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  • Hi mate, if you're up for a beer or several while you're in London let me know - are you staying both Monday and Tuesday night? Monday is iffy for me but Tuesday any time after about 3pm would be golden. Easier to email me spr_77@hotmail.com if you're up for it.
    Was listening to this song and thought of you, haha YouTube - Blayargh
    I propose that Smith's personality, and indeed post frequency, has been tending towards Precambrian's exponentially over the past month. In keeping with your interests, I considered issuing my suspicions to the moderators in graph form, but thought better of it.
    Hey mate can you come on MSN again, have some Qs from the staff forum for you
    Hiya, is there any chance you can delete your post quoting me in the Atul Sharma thread. Be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
    SS, Sorry to hear about your dad, Hope and wish the best for him and the family.
    SS! some guys have created fake accounts and been casting votes in polls (esp in the 3rd and 4th bowlers poll for post ww2 XI). can something be done about it? Ikki has written the names of the posters. Please see the thread. I am asking you because you are a staff member. thanks.
    On my other computer some of the keys got water in them and died. I was wondering if I could remap some of the keys for now until I get a new keyboard. Do you mean which exact keys do I want to remap? Let me check and get a list of exactly which keys don't work.

    If you got messenger or something it might be easier to convo there.
    Hey Manan, was wondering if you could help a brudda out. I am an Ubuntu newb and need to remap some broken keys.
    Hi, I don't like this, but I am forced to. I had reported one post severely abusing my mother by a fellow member here. and sent a mail to that effect. yet no action so far.
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