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  • Haha ok, nice! I'm planning on "working from home" on Friday, so perhaps we could do mid-afternoon? Do you have a phone over here?
    More or less, yeah. About a 20 min train ride away. Could hang out if Mrs Striker doesn't have a problem with it! haha
    It's going to be Saturday 1pm gmt which is 8am new york time

    If you can make it great, if not, maybe some other time
    Add me on Skype (snappyjake). We're going to make a test run covering the IPL opener tomorrow.
    I never saw it until Jono put it in his sig but why would I be offended? It was hilarious mate.
    Can't help but think we've been a bit "frosty" and unwilling to be friends in the past and it's been really bugging me. I'm perfectly willing to put that behind us. What do you think?
    Anyway, I think our differences wrt this ep is just a matter of taste, what with me liking 4-5 episodes this season more while a lot of people finding this ep the best this season. I think the show excels in high political intrigue and character-building and not in single, long battle sequences.
    I certainly wouldn't agree with you saying I'm not a fan of TV Shows/books/films though. A lot of these things bring me immense enjoyment and occupy a good % of my time. I read 80ish books per year and would read more if not for law school, for instance. I just can't tolerate the vast majority of them and things like bad writing in books and bad acting in TV Shows really bug me to the point of me not able to enjoy the rest of the show at times. The shows I like are generally very well regarded though. In recent shows I loved Breaking Bad and True Detective. Think Mad Men and GoT come out with high quality eps more than occasionally. On the other hand I absolutely cannot stand some popular shows like House of Cards and Suits. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't like reading, at a conservative estimate, the bottom 80% of books. That wouldn't stop you from being a fan of books, yes?
    "5/10 implies that it was an average hour of television, but if you say you only watch about the top 1% of TV and within the top 1%, this was a 5/10, then it makes a little bit of sense, otherwise it's completely outside of my understanding."

    Haha, that is an exaggeration as a statement of fact but it best explains my perspective, yes.
    Posted this i the GoaT thread but deleted it because it's obviously it's a massive sidetrack:

    I'm not a fan of most television just as I'm not a fan of most books/films. I do enjoy a fair bit of TV though and GoT is a part of that despite being a highly inconsistent show. As I said I really loved some of the GoT episodes this season, just not this one.

    To explain the rating, 5/10 is what I'd consider 'meh'. I'd say 9.5/10 would be something like The Contest in Seinfeld or Ralph in Sopranos getting coked up and loudly imitating gladiator leading to half blinding the bouncer and beating a pregnant stripper to death. SS, I'm sure you'll agree there's a difference in quality between that and Blackwater as there is a massive gulf in quality between Blackwater and this ep?
    Spoiler below with a bit of my (plagiarised from other forums) theorising after.
    HBO have since deleted this so it looks like they genuinely ****ed up and spoiled it. The bloke with the spikey head was described as The Night's King.

    If Old Nan's story about the 13th Lord Commander is true then he is also a Stark and he is still alive. Old Nan chose her words carefully; she never said he died. 13 seems to be an important number. There were 13 Others waiting for the baby. 13th Lord Commander at their head. It would be kinda cool if "Winter Is Coming" is not a warning but a boast.:p
    My PMship would morph into a benevolent dictatorship. And by "benevolent", I mean "not so benevolent".
    You should just spell out your stance on everything already so I can tip toe around them if need be :p

    I just think UPA 3 would be the worst thing to happen to the country. And it's pretty ironic that I would make the argument of exclusion after having lambasted the political parties for engaging in the same.
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