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  • Hey Randy, you have a double pick coming, send your picks to Prince EWS if you have to leave before you make them
    I live in Australia. I'm a big fan of world cricket beyond that though. even at a domestic level. Lots of people assume I'm from New Zealand or Zimbabwe before they ask, haha.
    sorry. that was my poor attempt at humour. I have no idea but will actively follow the thread for those who can crack it.
    Thanks for your thoughts but i think it is mostly running well so i plan to leave it as is.
    I reckon 14 seems to be the right number for the amount of point scoring players available - the cupboard is pretty bare after a minidraft.
    The reason to not count the bottom 3 players in my current form is so that you don't get punished if a couple of your guys don't play due to gaps in scheduling or injury so i think it is worth keeping.
    I think if we give bonuses for 100s it will favour the batsmen over the bowlers even more than currently as 100s are more common than 5-fers.
    The one change i was thinking of making was introducing dual positions for players so that batsmen-wicketkeepers can be picked as either, or for example, someone who opens in ODIs but bats in the middle order in tests could be selected as either
    Yes I am planning to. I will give this year's participants first opportunity to go in it again in a couple of weeks. Then open it up to others to fill any remaining slots before starting the drafting in early December.
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