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Saint Kopite

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  • Exactly, because he wanted Sansa. So this might be a way to get her by ambushing Tyrion. Probably helped by the "jester" fellow.

    Yeah, Gleeson was brilliant. It needed to be an Irish to get it right. He is "retiring" from acting following this, btw.
    Somewhere in the back of my head, Littlefinger keeps cropping up as a possible conspirator. Can't imagine the insane relief I felt to see that **** die.

    Btw, how over the moon are you? Just 4 games to go! :)
    I think that we can safely assume that you have the double-pick at the end of Round 1. Hadlee - great choice.
    Your turn with the double-pick SK. Aldo timed-out.

    Good to see you back again in another draft.
    Martell is surely going to take down somebody before he leaves ! I hope its Varys :) They haven't shown anything of him for some time now. Arya dying would kill the show. They show so little of the dragons and white walkers, it's frustrating. It's like having to be watch Williamson and McCullum bat when you know Sachin and Lara are plundering in the next stadium.
    Your avatar always gets me excited about the forthcoming episode! :) Arya is going to be epic this season (or be killed off in the next episode)
    Thanks SK. Pothas deserved to win though, and I'm actually relieved that I didn't win my own draft as that's in very bad taste. Really glad that you joined in the fun. Cheers, Sheldon
    Stewie Dempster is Kiwi batsman who played during the 1930s. The Cricinfo judges chose him for their NZ ATG XI;

    'Those who saw Dempster bat are long gone, but there are occasions when numbers and legend can be persuasive bedfellows. Ten tests, a 65.72 average, New Zealand's first Test century-maker, and still part-owner of the country's third-highest partnership and the highest opening stand against England, 276 with Jack Mills in 1930. Oh yes, and a Wisden player of the year in 1932.'

    David Leggat on New Zealand's all-time XI | All-time XIs | Cricinfo Magazine | ESPN Cricinfo
    After his gutsy performance during the recent tour of South Africa I would have to agree with your decision to select Clarke. However, Pietersen does look good stacked up against Dexter and Lara in Fred's team. So, it's a case of horses for courses.

    Your team is excellent SK. But I'll be interested to see whether Flower becomes your keeper, or not. He could easily play as a pure batsman. Also, Lohmann could be treated as a spinner if you had too. I'm always confused as to how one should categorise 19th century bowlers. Keep up the good work! Cheers, watson/Sheldon
    Thanks, I wanted Botham too, but Kapil's bowling will suit my team better
    If I'm having problems deciding between 2 players I sometimes flick a coin - heads for one player, tails for the other. While the coin is in mid-air I suddenly wish for the coin to fall a certain way. I then select my wish.
    Don't worry SK as I'm also confused between 5 different players. But no rush as it's pouring with rain in Sydney and so I'm doing 4 baskets of ironing.
    Normally all the teams are put on display and everyone is welcome to vote for their favourite 3 teams. Voting lasts for a week. But if you have any interesting ideas for voting then I'm happy to change the format. Cheers watson/Sheldon
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