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  • There are 67 teams in there for the series, including mine. Not sure who all are playing though.
    Don't worry mate. The sim doesn't work like that. Players ratings are based on career averages.
    Ahahaha Miyagi's got some issues, clearly, and you cop the multi jokes because they're true
    You know as well as anyone what the word monkey means in India. You really think Gavaskar meant to be racist when he said all that?
    I hope Tim Cutler doesn't go and tell all the other Aussies in HK cricket about all this cheating aussie abuse I'm posting here :ph34r:
    Let me tell you something. All 4 drafters so far have missed the absolute peak of the 4 players (in fact srbhkshk has missed Sachin's peak by 12 years lol). So, if you have any rough idea about when players peaked you'll be competitive in this. And howstat.com is your friend.
    Thanks for liking the OP of my Date-Specific ODI Draft. Was it just titillation or are you joining the draft too? :)
    Changed jobs and life has become very hectic. I am just following matches on cricinfo so don't feel like I have much to say :(
    You can do it to HB a few times. Since that is a legitimate way to make him understand your point. Can't do it regularly or it will be harassment and be infracted. If you do it to others on a consistent basis in a thread, it's a troll and will be infracted.
    It's about a continuation of a trolling style which, when directed at HB is fine because it makes a point wrt his posting, is not fine when directed at other members who may not be aware of the context. Also consider that this wouldn't have been an infraction if not for your past posting in the thread. Context matters. Lucky to have gotten just a single infraction in this thread and you know it <appropriate smiley>
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