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  • I'm deleting that post. You haven't done anything wrong, but let's not go there right now, hey?
    Haha, actually you would've gotten the same infraction for something similar in English. Censoring a single letter or two in a swear word is actually the definition of avoiding the filter (otherwise the filter would catch it). The gif was funny though. :p
    There is no middle ground here. If you continue the same behaviour with her as before, she has absolutely no reason to believe you feel differently about her now. You can't expect a magically different result by continuing with the same behaviour that led you to being teddy-zoned in the past. Anyone who's telling you otherwise might be well-intentioned but nevertheless intellectually lazy.
    Make the first move, and quick, you *****.

    Insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. So shed the self-deprecation with her, otherwise you risk letting her think you're just attempting to carry on the same relationship you shared earlier.

    If experience is any guide, people tend to be less inhibited with old acquaintances with the passage of time and the change of environment. The circumstances that held you back earlier do not exist now, and the same holds true for her. You hold the advantage of being perhaps the only familiar face she'll know in her new setting, but that won't hold true for long as she gradually builds up other acquaintances. Make your intentions clear and do it quick.
    Please ignore the below advice of PEWS. He's had it in for me ever since that time he got it stuck in a camel.
    And no, it won't lead to them being less suspicious as it'll get filed under "haha he forgot which account he was logged into!'; nice try though ;)
    You seem to actually have a personality on top of being a cricket poster though so I think everyone will eventually drop the multi suspicions.
    Well, I obviously don't think you're a multi or I wouldn't have bothered telling you all that (although I've been burned badly before), but yeah, pretty much! A lot of the Indian members we have sign up don't really fit in very well and either get banned for trolling or stop posting after a couple of weeks, so to get one so balanced who looks like they'll stick around ironically raises the red flags a bit, as in our experience it's a Blaze18 about 50% of the time. If you get any random hostility, it'll probably be from someone who thinks you're a multi. Really, really annoying that the guy not only ruins the forum with his posts when he's here but has also made everyone paranoid and could potentially sour the experience of someone like you when you arrive.
    As you can probably tell from my amateur profiling, we've got better at spotting him over time; don't think we've seen him in a while now actually but I could be wrong obviously.

    He's a really twisted individual, but people are going to think you're a multi because you've fit in so well so early, have picked up the lingo, learnt the in-jokes and don't seem to be a warmongering, chest-beating flag waver about what you think - which all points to being a "Blaze 18" type account. I'd honestly take it as a bit of a compliment to some extent.
    Shri thinks you're a multi and I can only assume karan316 thinks you're a race traitor for not being a biased, trolling idiot.

    Thing is, lots of people are going to think you're a Precam multi, because we have this recurring member who likes to have two accounts running at any given time. One of the accounts is always a long-term project to prove to himsel that he can be well-liked on the forum and not get banned if he tries. We call this a "Blaze 18" account because that was the most famous example of it. He also tends to have another account which he uses to troll, insult and wind up people - and probably slip in some on his actual opinions - but it takes a while for that account to get banned too because we give it the benefit of the doubt for being new all the time and he only posts with it in little bursts. He always tries to have one of each of these running at any given time so people have naturally got pretty paranoid about new, active Indian members.
    I'm going to be so sad if you really are a multi. Best new Indian member in so, sooo long otherwise.
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